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Connibal Road is an alternative rock band whose inception began when co-songwriters Ryan Nelson and Mike Bivens started collaborating back in 2007. The two musicians had worked together over the years on different projects but always talked about doing something that was entirely their own. The hard part was getting them both in the same place at the same time. For a number of years, Bivens was touring the country as a sound/guitar tech with a multitude of national touring artists, while Nelson was going back and forth between Chicago, Nashville, and St.Louis working as a sound designer. They would send ideas and demos to each other and if they had a couple of days or even hours in the same city, the two would sit down with their guitars and work on as much material as they could.

To record their self-produced, self-titled EP, drummer Sean Eugene was asked to join to the group. After tracking was finished, Connibal Road rounded out their line-up with long time friend and guitarist Rick Harshany (co-writer on Circle the Wagons) and bassist Ben Coan. They released Connibal Road, the EP, in 2009 and began playing shows all over the greater St. Louis area.

By 2011, the band had developed a local following and sought to release their first full length album A Longing for the Black and White. This album showed a new “maturity” for their particular alt-rock sound which was gaining more and more attention as word of this latest release spread. Getting spins on 105.7 The Point, a local St. Louis radio station, as well as a multitude of internet radio and streaming venues, A Longing for the Black and White had catapulted the band into a new realm of popularity. The next few years, while holding more achievements, also brought several changes for Connibal Road.

2013 was a turning point for the band. They released their third studio record, The Low, whose overall theme may or may not be a direct result of the events that were happening. Lyrically, it’s a darker record, with one song in particular, “5kin Deep” being inspired by Dr. Threadson, a character from the TV show American Horror Story. Personal-life hurdles and other challenges brought a change in lineup shortly after the start of recording for The Low. Drummer, Sean Eugene left the band and was later replaced by Tim Ilko. The next two years saw the departure of original bassist Ben Coan and original rhythm guitarist Rick Harshany. During this time, remaining members, Nelson, Bivens, & Ilko, continued writing and experimented with new sounds and designs.

In March 2016, the trio released the first part of four to their second full-length record, fourth overall. Ghost Light travels down a new but familiar avenue through the creativity and expression of Connibal Road. Jump to February 2019, Part III of Ghost Light is released with Part IV oozing with anticipation. This record is dynamic, powerful, and fresh as hell. While the music is rooted in the rock genre, Connibal Road refuses to limit where they can go musically.


ghost light

Part I [2016]
1. Hello Ellie B
2. CycleStatic
3. Going to Memphis
4. Paint By Numbers
Part II [2016]
5. Red Dragon
6. Backroads
7. Goodbye, Mother….. nov437
8. Not So Derperant
Part III [2019]
9. Opia
10. One At A Time
11. Now We Are Alone
12. Long Time Gone
13. somethingforthedark
Part IV [Coming Soon]
14. You Win
15. Candlelight Eyes
16. Falling Over Hurdicles
17. FDFB
18. Super Secret Hidden Track (Super S.Hi.T.)



connibal road ep (2009)

a longing for the black and white (2011)

the low (2013)

1. Circle The Wagons (Travelin’ Song)
2. Half Asleep
3. The Crawling Stance
4. Eco Tone
5. Day One
6. Siren 
1. Intro….. OF DEATH
2. Not So Different
3. Blackout
4. Razor Queen
5. Sky of Lights
6. (Sean’s) Favorite Things
7. Palindrome
8. The Seaward
9. Blank Stares and Smoke Breaks
10. Echoes of My Life, 1958
11. Lipsplitter
12. Pushing the Pull Door
13. This Film of Ours
14. A Resting Place
1. Jesus For Sale
2. When Moments Attack
3. Empty Rooms, Empty Walls
4. Missing Pages
5. InFinite
6. 5kin Deep





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